Working two jobs is no joke. So I have been working a ton. I have also been reading. I have read The Hunger Games series with one of my best friends, Alana. I have read How to Break Up With your Phone. I have read Three Women with nowandgen book club, I am reading The Night Swim from the Book of the Month Club. And nowandgen is coming out with Two Planets, talking about how we need to take care of this planet of ours, to read in the month of September.

At one point I was so busy I didn’t get any time to cook, we used my tip money to go out to eat. I am down to two days at Dollar Tree and two to three days at Penelope’s until I quit Dollar Tree, I have already given my verbal notice. As long as I don’t have to be around one particular person I am good with working there for now.

So that is where I have been, What have you been doing this past month? Also I got kicked out of one group chat because of being “negative” and I left another because I felt I was making people feel worthless.