Shampoo and Conditioner I use

The first thing I do is I brush my hair before I hop in the shower, when its wash my hair day, which is only one day a week. After hopping in the shower I immediately wet my hair and put shampoo in my hair. I let it sit for about a minute before I rinse it out. I repeat once more and then I put in conditioner and wash my body before I rinse that out.

After my shower I make sure to not use heat on my hair, and always let it air dry. I also make sure to brush my hair at least twice a day about a minute or longer if I feel like it or have time. I also get it trimmed about every 3-6 months, and more on the three months.

Short hair April 2018
Longer hair September 2020

I’m hopeful my hair grows faster since it took a long time to get to get this long. I want long very long hair. So I’m hopeful with my new routine it is pretty long before Christmas.

On to what I have been doing. I’ve told the blog that I started back to Dollar Tree. One of my good friends is actually now in training for store manager, go Marie! I just haven’t revealed that I also am a server at a local restaurant. I won’t reveal which one. But I love working there. On a weekly average I average $40 in tips per night. Do I miss staying home full time? Yes. But good side of working in serving I have lost fat, gained muscle, and I have lost two- three inches. I went from a tight 24 blue jeans to semi tight 22 blue jeans. Between the two jobs I am out of the house maybe half of the week. During the last week of Sept and 1st week of October I will be gone way more because I got added for more hours.

What have you guys been up to? Comment below.